A Chance Encounter

I had a lovely chance encounter last week on a flight from Dallas to Jackson.  What, you might ask, is so exceptional about that?   Well, for one thing I usually try to avoid airplane conversations.  This is not about being unfriendly, I’d just rather spend the time with my nose in a book than making small talk.

On this flight I had a furry companion!

number two son’s service dog Maggie…


Boarding a flight with Maggie is like walking into a room with Beyonce!  It’s going to be difficult to avoid having friendly conversations with all of the dog lovers flying along with you.

The lady I shared my ride with was headed to Jackson to visit her daughter’s family.  Daughter has a baby joining a three year old and Katie (that’s her grandmother name) was looking forward to some baby bonding.  She loved Maggie and we talked about our dogs, of course we talked about her grandchildren, of course we talked about our own children.  We never stopped talking until we disembarked and even then we had to say our goodbye’s at baggage claim.

Here’s the thing, we had so much in common and our conversation went way beyond the niceties that invariably occur in chance encounters with strangers.  We just opened up and were able to share life experiences that I normally reserve for talking over with my closest friends.

I don’t really know what it is about this experience that continues to stick in my head except maybe there was a lesson in there for me somewhere!  Don’t just immediately close yourself off but allow yourself to be open to a chance encounter that could color your world  with hope and happiness.

I hope she enjoyed the ride half as much as I did…


You may classify this post as a chance encounter since I’ve been awol for a while!  Thanks for reading along…


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  1. My coffee tastes better when I’ve got OPP in the morning! Love it!

  2. Ingrid Taylor says:

    Love that and love you openness !!!

  3. Angelyn says:

    Love this!!!