Gallery Wall

I found this post in my draft box yesterday - had completely forgotten writing it!  Things are a little upside down this week On Pinehurst Place - we thought my dad was coming for an outpatient procedure on Tuesday morning but it turns out he needed to stay in the hospital for a couple of days prior … [Read more...]

Vintage Monograms

On a recent shopping trip, via my laptop, to One Kings Lane I could not believe what I saw... After all, how often do you find YOUR monogram on a piece of vintage linen? Oh the beautiful M, and the C, embroidered on this gorgeous linen table scarf... I could not resist, could you? Well, as … [Read more...]

The Empty Nest

Today my daughter will head back to college for a semester of summer school.  Tomorrow's morning walk will be a little lonely.  The house will feel a little empty. The nest will once again have extra room and I will need to gather up some ideas and projects to fill the space. I am reminded of … [Read more...]

Collecting a Room

Well said Suzanne Kasler!  I drew this onto my chalkboard wall not long ago and it is currently my inspiration for decorating collecting a new room for my daughter - a junior in college, we are now decorating collecting her third room in three years.  Hopefully, she will stay put in this location … [Read more...]

The Art of the Scrapbook

I cannot remember a time in my life when I was not making something!  As a young girl I loved to color, received candle making kits from Santa Claus,and  wove hot pads from strips of cloth.  I always kept a diary (under lock and key) and scrapbooked about everything - the first landing on the moon … [Read more...]

Moon Over Lake

The moon on the lake last night, the closest to earth it will come this year, A beautiful reminder of the miracle of creation, Taking me to a peaceful place. … [Read more...]

The Planning and Packing of a Wardrobe

I have been working with one of my favorite clients over the past two weeks getting her packed up and ready to spend several months in her mountain home.  (Smart lady to get out of the Mississippi summer heat and humidity!)  This is the third year we have worked together to make sure she has … [Read more...]

Celebrate the First Day of Summer

The first day of summer.. A bouquet from my garden... Sailor stripes and a bright cross-body bag... A great tote bag for shopping or the beach, and your little dog... A glass of wine... and some little french … [Read more...]

Architect A. Hays Town in Mississippi

Yesterday I attended a History is Lunch lecture, courtesy of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, given by Todd Sanders.  His topic was the Mississippi Architecture of A. Hays Town, who is best known for his Louisiana creole style residences.  However, he spent the first part of his … [Read more...]

Why Write About Eudora Welty?

As I was considering subject matter for the Welty on Wednesday post for this week, I asked myself - Why are you writing about Eudora Welty in this blog?  This is sort of an ah-hah moment for me, surprisingly!  I have been contemplating why I am drawn to exploring Miss Welty's life.  Yes, I love … [Read more...]