More From Birmingham Botanical Gardens

I just have to revisit my walk around the Birmingham Botanical Gardens... so many pretty arbors... loved the Japanese garden... koi in the pond were amazing... I'm always on the lookout for pretty fences and gates... and the lanterns were beautiful... Keep in mind that we … [Read more...]

Wicker Handbags

All the end of school and graduation pictures have me thinking of summer and what says summer any better than a wicker handbag... I must admit the animal themed bags are appealing... Elephants seem to to be very popular... the snail nail is a cutie... Here is the bag for Kentucky Derby … [Read more...]

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Last week I enjoyed a walk through the Birmingham Botanical Gardens with friends... Roses were  going strong... Oh my, the oak leaf hydrangea were amazing... And even though they were just past their prime the carpets of hellebores took my breath... There were plenty of peaceful … [Read more...]

Great Minds Think Alike

I ordered new sheets last week... Scott and Missy Tannen decided that change was needed when they couldn't get answers to questions about the origin of bed  sheets... So in 2014 they set about to produce a product that felt good "inside and out"... Boll & Branch is committed to … [Read more...]

Garden Walk

Some of you have reminded me that I have not given a garden tour this spring!  So here we go... The weather has been so strange and suffice it to say the garden has reflected that... Everything was ahead of schedule! peonies bloomed early and didn't last nearly long enough... sweet peas … [Read more...]

A Festive Spring Luncheon

A friend invited me to attend her luncheon club yesterday and believe me it was a treat.  Shame on me for having so much fun that I didn't take nearly enough photos! her table delightfully adorned with miniature hydrangeas... I never tire tire of blue and white... The gathering began in the … [Read more...]

Kips Bay Showhouse

A visit to the Kips Bay Showhouse is on my bucket list...   Ken Fulk has designed  the dining room inspired by the story of a New York socialite who keeps a secret menagerie...   Hand painted walls bring the story to life...   Richard Mishaan designed the parlor mingling … [Read more...]

Upholstering with Embroidery

I recently used a piece of crewel embroidered fabric to update a chair for a client.  That's it over in the corner ( should have taken a picture of the chair alone!)... Shortly after this update I read that using embroidered fabrics for upholstery is a current trend!  Good for me! that got me … [Read more...]

Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont

Well I'm dealing with some crazy technical thing and have been having trouble with my computer  so here I am on my trusty IPhone hoping to be able to send this your way! I watched the cutest movie the other day... In this story about a widow creating her new normal, a chance encounter really … [Read more...]

Lucienne Day

I'm wishing I could see an exhibit currently on view at The Whitworth Gallery in Manchester - Lucienne Day: A Sense of Growth... A textile designer whose whose career began in 1951, Day bequeathed her collection to the gallery.  This show focuses on the significant role gardening played in her … [Read more...]