How They Decorated

I am excited for my friend, Gaye Tapp, whose book How They Decorated: Inspiration from Great Women of the Twentieth Century will be released next month.  Gaye's popular blog Little Augury caught my eye years ago and I have been lucky enough to nurture a virtual friendship with this talented lady … [Read more...]

On The Bookshelf: House Style

My copy of House Style: Five Centuries of Fashion at Chatsworth is pre-ordered and I cannot wait for it to arrive after its April 4th release... Chatsworth, a famous historic house in England, has been home to the dukes of Devonshire since 1549.  The estate also has a rich history in fashion from … [Read more...]

Stefano Furlani

  I recently discovered the artist Stefano Furlani who creates art with stones...   What began as a beach game with his son has transformed into this intricate artwork...   I just think his creations are delightful...   He carefully selects stones with … [Read more...]

Cressida Bell Lampshades

Cressida Bell is the granddaughter of Vanessa Bell of Bloomsbury Group fame.  She is known for her printed silks and hand-painted lampshades...   At her studio in London she designs textiles, interiors, does illustrations and decorates cakes...   Three of the lampshade designs … [Read more...]

The Ivy and Indigo Seas Shop

    I have one more thing in the archives from a trip to Los Angeles last year that I want to share with you - The Ivy Restaurant and Indigo Seas Shop! I have been following Indigo Seas on Instagram for quite a while and when a trip to LA came up I knew that I needed to see it in … [Read more...]

Pontchartrain Hotel

I'm lucky enough to be spending a couple of days in the Big Easy with friends and we're staying at the recently renovated Pontchartrain Hotel... The Pontchartrain opened in 1927 as a luxury apartment building and then in the 1940s was refashioned as a luxury hotel. I'm having visions of what it … [Read more...]

Surface View

A major kitchen revamp has had me sidelined and I have missed my time spent here with each and every one of you!  The end is in sight now and I look forward to returning to a somewhat normal schedule that will include blogging. I don't remember where I read about Surface View but let me tell you … [Read more...]

Walt Disney Concert Hall and Community Park

While I was in Los Angeles recently I paid a visit to the Walt Disney  Concert Hall and Community Park... At first my friend and I thought we would drive by the magnificent structure just so I could see the building... But the lure to see more was strong and so we decided to park and walk … [Read more...]

Art Show and Reception at The Cedars

Head over The Cedars in Fondren for a fun evening this Thursday, October 13th... in addition to the fabulous art show, The Pryor Band will be playing... I went by to help my friend Pryor deliver her paintings and took a few pictures to give you a sneak preview... Of course there a few of … [Read more...]

Marcel Wanders Photorealistic Rugs

Inspiration for the photorealistic rugs that Marcel Wanders has devised for Moooi Carpets came from 17th century still lifes in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam... The carpets really do look more like paintings than something you would find underfoot... If I owned one I would admittedly skirt … [Read more...]