Satisfying a bit of Wanderlust

The fall foliage images sent to me by number 2 son over the weekend are causing a bit of wanderlust for Maine.  Imagine my surprise when I popped over to One Kings Lane to check out the Madcap Cottage Gents pop-up shop and discovered an Antiquing In Kennebunkport sale! So I just sat back and … [Read more...]

My Favorite Finds

I read an interesting post about Antiqueshopping and so I wanted to share a post reflecting my favorite ways to shop for home decor.  I like home interiors that reflect lifestyles and life experiences which leads me to loving the search for accents to enhance interiors that highlight home owners … [Read more...]

Farleigh House

A visit to a private home in Hampshire was a highlight from my recent trip across the pond... Hmmm, Farleigh House may qualify as more than just a "country home"... We didn't even have to ring the bell as we were greeted heartily just as soon as we disembarked the "motor coach"... A house … [Read more...]

Spring Garden Tour

I want to recommend an event taking place this week... The weather is promising to be glorious... I guarantee the gardens are glorious... For the first time this year's event will incorporate a gardeny gift shop... (Which I just happen to be the co-chairman of!) and among many other … [Read more...]

Tiny Treehouses

A friend sent me an article about Jedediah Corwyn Voltz, a Los Angeles artist whose day job is prop-maker for TV and film.  He saves scraps of wood and fabrics from his constructions and uses them to make "little fantasy constructions" during his free time... He has now built about 25 miniatures … [Read more...]

About That Botanical Arts Thing (again)

Earlier this month the Memphis Garden Club presented a Garden Club of America Flower Show entitled A Joyous Festival... Works in the Dixon Gallery's permanent collection were the creative inspiration behind the show.  What a lovely way to mark the 40th anniversary of the Dixon where the club has … [Read more...]

One Amazing Auction

Sotheby's auction of the Duchess of Devonshire's estate on March 2nd promises to be one amazing auction. The last of the infamous Mitford's, Debo passed away in 2014 at the age of 94... There are many items that I would love to welcome home OPP... In all likelihood my own needlepoint … [Read more...]

Antiques & Garden Show

Here's the final installment from my trip to the Nashville Antiques & Garden Show.  As Shane Conolly would say, let's go visit the antiques fair!  There's much to be seen beginning with a cheery mannequin greeter... I loved the antique wall covering in this booth... cleverly highlighted … [Read more...]

Color Block

I've noticed a lot of color block being shown in my favorite shelter magazines recently and realized that I've used the trend myself in a couple of rooms here OPP. You'll have to admit that is certainly creates instant drama... designshuffle lushhome now this is a scheme I could … [Read more...]

A Dallas Diverson

I made a quick turnaround trip to attend a botanical arts workshop earlier in the week and couldn't have asked for a more pleasant diversion than the Founder's Garden Club of Dallas offered!  They had the uber-talented Sarah Boynton as their guest speaker/teacher.  I saw some of Sarah's creations … [Read more...]