About That Botanical Arts Thing (again)

Earlier this month the Memphis Garden Club presented a Garden Club of America Flower Show entitled A Joyous Festival... Works in the Dixon Gallery's permanent collection were the creative inspiration behind the show.  What a lovely way to mark the 40th anniversary of the Dixon where the club has … [Read more...]

Interior Spaces New Location

I met a friend to check out the new location of Jackson's Interior Spaces earlier in the week and let me tell you I was wowed! The Lakeland Drive venue is amazing... So many of my talented friends are represented... The space is large but a meandering wood pathway leads you from booth to … [Read more...]

Joe Mason Engraving

I friend passed along Joe Mason's name after searching him out to engrave a baby pin.  This amazingly talented, self taught engraver is right down the road in Brandon, MS.   The majority of his work is with hand made knife embellishment. I spy the perfect thing for everything from card sharks to … [Read more...]

Lessons From a Three Year Old

I am a fan of country music...  This will come as no surprise to those of you who know me! I like a lot of different artists and songs but every now and then a song comes along that just really makes me sit up and listen.  "Three Year Olds" by Eric Church is one of those.  This is a real life … [Read more...]

MHG Studio

I stumbled across some leather library shelf trim and got drawn into MHG Studio's website. Fun Fact:  As a child, a weekly trip to the library was de rigueur.  I could never understand why I was limited to so few books on each visit though!  I worked in the library as a college student and it was … [Read more...]

A Dallas Diverson

I made a quick turnaround trip to attend a botanical arts workshop earlier in the week and couldn't have asked for a more pleasant diversion than the Founder's Garden Club of Dallas offered!  They had the uber-talented Sarah Boynton as their guest speaker/teacher.  I saw some of Sarah's creations … [Read more...]


I read an article about the new website Artemest in Elle Decor and couldn't wait until I had time to sit down and find out more about it.  Believe me, I wasn't disappointed! The designer behind Ippolita, the fine jewelry line, set about to ensure that Italian artisans working using centuries old … [Read more...]

Ellsworth Kelly

Painter, sculptor, printmaker, Ellsworth Kelly departed this life on Sunday, December 27th.  The world will be a much less colorful place without him here. His work was simple in form and usually very colorful... A pioneer of hard-edge painting, Kelly lived and painted in Paris during the … [Read more...]

Stylish French Girlfriends

I received a copy of Sharon Santoni's book My Stylish French Girlfriends from one of my own stylish friends as a Christmas gift... On Boxing Day I took to the bed suffering from exhaustion spent some time relaxing and read this wonderful book from cover to cover.  Santoni introduces us to some of … [Read more...]

All I Want For Christmas Is…

Are you up on the latest stress management craze?... Apparently colouring is the cure and so all I want for Christmas is... Hallmark artists have created their own colouring book... I always loved to colour as a child and so am thrilled to know that it is not only ok but therapeutic to do … [Read more...]