How They Decorated

I am excited for my friend, Gaye Tapp, whose book How They Decorated: Inspiration from Great Women of the Twentieth Century will be released next month.  Gaye's popular blog Little Augury caught my eye years ago and I have been lucky enough to nurture a virtual friendship with this talented lady … [Read more...]

Fortune’s Double Yellow

Fortune's Double Yellow is stealing the show in the Eudora Welty Garden... This rose is also known as Beauty of Glazenwood or Gold of Ophir.  I like Fortune's Double Yellow myself as it references Robert Fortune, the gentleman who discovered it while exploring gardens in China.  His is a most … [Read more...]

Victoria Mania

  Have you caught Victoria Mania like I have?  I am loving the Masterpiece series...   It is so much fun to be watching young Victoria as she goes from a somewhat neglected teenager to become the most powerful woman in the world!  Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria is perfectly cast in … [Read more...]

Listen Up

I haven't had much time for armchair reading during my kitchen renovation since multiple events have required me to move all of the kitchen paraphernalia from room to room.  I have many tales to tell about it all but I will refrain for now! An upside to heaving China and mixers hither and yon has … [Read more...]

On The Bookshelf

I just finished listening to two great books both set during WWII (one of my current obsessions)! The Light Behind the Window moves back and forth between present day and 1943, a writing technique that I always seem to enjoy. In the present day, Emilie de la Martinieres inherits her family's … [Read more...]

On The Bookshelf

You know how much I love Downton Abbey!  I would definitely have been in this line had I been around on that first day  when the Abbey opened for tours... Well, since there won't be any new episodes to savor I gave way to listening to two of Julian Fellowes books over the past couple of weeks.  I … [Read more...]

The Incredible Story of Caroline Ferriday and the Ravensbruck Lapins

A recent listen on Audible has me reading everything I can find about the incredible story of Caroline Ferriday and the Ravensbruck Lapins. Let's begin with author Martha Hall Kelly's journey to Ferriday's home and garden, Bellamy-Ferriday House in Bethlehem, Connecticut... Ms. Kelly had read an … [Read more...]

Stylish French Girlfriends

I received a copy of Sharon Santoni's book My Stylish French Girlfriends from one of my own stylish friends as a Christmas gift... On Boxing Day I took to the bed suffering from exhaustion spent some time relaxing and read this wonderful book from cover to cover.  Santoni introduces us to some of … [Read more...]

Support Small Businesses Today and Every Day

I am a huge supporter of small local business so to celebrate Small Business Saturday join me for a stroll through Annelle Primos' gorgeous shop in Highland Village... my friend, Becky Vizard, was here recently to sign her new book, Once Upon A Pillow, and I ran right over... I'm so excited … [Read more...]

Holiday Greetings From Eudora Welty’s Kitchen

Today's long overdue nod to Eudora Welty comes courtesy of the Eudora Welty Foundation. I don't know about you but I've spent a lot of time in the kitchen this week (thankfully daughter is home to help) and the seasonal greeting from the EWF came at just the right time... the greeting also … [Read more...]