Sweet Sunday

I have a young friend who has been blogging about fresh seasonal food for a while now.  Her  blog recently went through some design changes and is now called Little Green Apron I love the story behind the name change and just really enjoy everything about her clever blog. A recent post about … [Read more...]

Shop Small Cyber Monday

If I'm going to participate in Cyber Monday here is how I like to do it - shop small!  I've been a fan of the blog Splendid Sass for a while.  Author, Teresa Hatfield, has been operating an Etsy shop which appears to be undergoing a switch to a website/shop and so she has it up and running for Cyber … [Read more...]

Mrs. Blandings

One thing I love about blogging is discovering other blogs that inspire.  Mrs. Blandings is a favorite and I have been following her for quite a while.   As an accomplished writer and editor, Mrs. Blandings' blog is one that I always read when it shows up in my email... Go check out her blog and … [Read more...]

At Home

After traveling around a good bit this fall it is nice to just be at home! Cammie agrees... a bit of rearranging in my studio/work space found a large table placed in front of a big triple window... The room used to be arranged with a sofa in front of the windows and Cammie perched on it for … [Read more...]

Back In The Saddle

After the trip of a lifetime to Newport, Rhode Island, and having overcome many traveling and technical obstacles on the way back to Jackson, I am finally back in the saddle again! On the way out of Newport I encountered a glitch that rendered my trusty iPhone inoperable.  Thankfully I was … [Read more...]

On The Bookshelf: Dear Carolina

I finished reading Dear Carolina yesterday and it was one of those books that I didn't want to end because I knew that I was going to miss the characters so much!... (book cover photo from sarahsarna.com where Kristy is a contributor - I bought the ebook so didn't have a cover photo!) The debut … [Read more...]

Tidying Up

Spring has been a whirlwind here OPP and there is much tidying up to be done!  I'll go ahead and admit that there is still a bunny rabbit wreath on the front door!  A while back I created a Facebook page for this little blog and it was still wearing its Easter finery as well so out into the garden I … [Read more...]

Looking Back

As 2014 draws to a close I thought a quick look back might be fun. Writing a blog is a bit like keeping a scrapbook for me and it was fun to take a backward glance to remember the high points of the year. (click on any of the green links to return to the post) The post that you enjoyed the most … [Read more...]

Instagram Fun Round 2

Last week I shared some of my favorite instagram images as requested.  When I began putting together a "few" of my favorites, it quickly became clear that I had many more than you would want to peruse in a single post so here we go with round 2! you know that I love to see what other gardeners are … [Read more...]

Instagram Fun

I love Instagram!  It is so much fun and just a quick, easy way to keep up with folks as well garnering great ideas from creatives all over the world.  Visiting at a party last week with some of you dear readers, I received a request to blog about some of my insta favs so here we go! love the … [Read more...]