This That and The Other

You may know that I've been in the midst of a kitchen renovation over here OPP.  Well, I'm still without the power to bake thanks to a faulty set of ovens being installed.  I'm kind of really really tired of it now!  Here's the silver lining, a warming drawer that is also a slow cooker.  I … [Read more...]

Paul’s Pastry

Wednesday found me on the road with a carload of friends, sadly heading to the funeral of a friend's father.  Ok, two funerals this week will quite enough for me thank you!  This family had a sweet tribute to their daddy and we all agreed that we were so glad that we went. There being a silver … [Read more...]

Holiday Gathering

I had a little impromptu holiday gathering yesterday afternoon and I'll show you a bit of what's been going on here OPP... Santa sparkling... I baked the delicious cheese wafers from Sara Foster's book, Foster's Market Favorites... stockings from BViz Design adorn the entrance hall … [Read more...]

Sweet Sunday

I have a young friend who has been blogging about fresh seasonal food for a while now.  Her  blog recently went through some design changes and is now called Little Green Apron I love the story behind the name change and just really enjoy everything about her clever blog. A recent post about … [Read more...]

Holiday Greetings From Eudora Welty’s Kitchen

Today's long overdue nod to Eudora Welty comes courtesy of the Eudora Welty Foundation. I don't know about you but I've spent a lot of time in the kitchen this week (thankfully daughter is home to help) and the seasonal greeting from the EWF came at just the right time... the greeting also … [Read more...]

Sara Foster

I was so excited to meet Sara Foster, cookbook author and chef/owner of famed Foster's Market in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  I actually made a detour on a trip several years ago in order to experience the Market I had read so much about in her books.  Well, she has a new book, Foster's Market … [Read more...]

Soup on Sunday

I'll be in Montreal as you are reading this and hopefully I will have found some delicious new soups along the way! At a recent Garden Club of Jackson meeting a member brought along two boxes of fresh shiitake mushrooms free for the taking... Not only did I grab a bag full, I was able to request … [Read more...]

Soup on Sunday

With the weather turning a little cooler this weekend it's time for some soup on Sunday! Yesterday I was pleased to be a part of an impromptu gathering that included a bowl of white chili.  I have been using the same recipe for my white chili for a long time but this version was new to me and I … [Read more...]

Lady Peas Salad

  The elegant little lady pea is the caviar of summer here OPP and yesterday I was off on a mission to find some.  This was easier said than done and it took me four stops at local farmer's market stalls before I had my treasure in hand.  The Lady Peas Salad pictured on the cover of Martha Hall … [Read more...]

Neshoba County Fair

If you've been hanging around here for a while you will know that every summer, just when the temperatures have hit their peak, we make our way to the Neshoba County Fair.  A decades old tradition, the Fair is an annual gathering held in Neshoba County near Philadelphia, MS (which is where Mr. … [Read more...]