Sunday Summer Supper

I added Ina Garten's recipe for scalloped tomatoes to a couple of stand by recipes to create a yummy Sunday summer supper. I can always count on The Barefoot Contessa to have recipes that are tasty, seasonal and easy to make.  This one was no exception! sautéing the bread crumbs... browned on … [Read more...]

Farmer’s Table Cooking School in Livingston

Last week my luncheon club headed out to the town of Livingston, just north of Jackson, for a special treat at the Farmer's Table Cooking School... shortbread and berries were offered upon arrival... and a choice of water or Sangria... friends of ours opened the enterprise and so I was … [Read more...]

Supper Club

We hosted our supper club on Friday night and I had a great time putting together a menu and setting the tables... my mother decided that she was ready to give up these blue glass plates and so I inherited them... you know how I am about books in the dining room... the enormous magnolia … [Read more...]

Cuban Flavor

One of the things I enjoyed while visiting Key West last week was discovering a bit of Cuban flavor at El Siboney... The only thing missing in the photo above are all of the chickens clucking around the parking lot.  One rooster and a hen were having quite a loud row while we waited! A bit of … [Read more...]

Game Day Guacamole

Ok so I was not really that into the Super Bowl until game time began to draw closer and I decided to get in the game with some game day guacamole! You know my favorite go to for a recipe is Ina Garten,  The Barefoot Contessa.  Instead of just throwing together my version of guacamole I looked up … [Read more...]

Saturday Supper

I don't know about you but after the holidays I am always ready to prepare a meal that does not involve a cracker or cream cheese or sugar in any form.  Just some plain old tried and true comfort foods are a welcome sight.  Ina Garten's recipes are a staple here OPP and so I am recommending one for … [Read more...]


I want to tell you about one of the gifts I received this year.  A friend and neighbor was able to procure some olive oil from Casa Caponetti in central Italy.  Their son, a talented chef, spent some time there as an intern and while visiting they were able to enjoy olive oil from the first pressing … [Read more...]

Mushroom Mania

I saw two clumps of the cutest mushrooms this morning while I was out walking the flower girls.  Cammie and Maggie were hot and tired and so I thought I would take them home for water and stop back by for a quick photo on my way to or from the grocery.  Well the minute I turned the corner and saw … [Read more...]

This And That From The Weekend

Well, it has been a whirlwind of a weekend here OPP.  Thanks for bearing with me through some busy and difficult days.  I had my parents here at the end of the week for some medical attention and enjoyed the visit but it was just a little worrisome finding out about what is ailing my dad.  Good news … [Read more...]

A Ninetieth Birthday Celebration

I took a little road trip to Louisville, MS, yesterday to celebrate an aunt's ninetieth birthday.  Her very talented son lives there with her and takes such good care of her and their home place.  I am convinced that he can do anything and you will soon agree! such a pretty place... a cousin to … [Read more...]