Fall in the Mall Y’all

A friend and I traveled down to Laurel, MS, to view a Garden Club of America Flower Show presented by the Laurel Garden Club last week... I thought it was so clever to stage the show in a local shopping mall and to have the classes of competition play off shopping mall inspired themes. One … [Read more...]

Tea Towel Upholstery

How have I missed this tea towel upholstery created by Susie Stanford of ... My favorite travel souvineer is always a tea towel!  They're easy to pack and always bring a smile and a memory when you get them home.  Suzie has definitely taken it one step futher with her upholstery... Oh my … [Read more...]

One Fun Thing I Did Yesterday

I know I've told you that one of my favorite go-to books for design inspiration is One Man's Folly by Julia Evans Reed.  Reed chronicles design genius Furlow Gatewood's restoration of his family carriage house in Americus, Georgia.  If you don't have it run out and get a copy quick!  I love … [Read more...]

5000 Poppies

When I visited the Chelsea Flower Show last month one of the exhibits that I found particularly appealing was 5000 Poppies A Community Tribute of Respect and Remembrance... Two daughter of World Ward II Veterans, Lynn Berry and Margaret Knight began with a goal of crocheting 120 poppies to "plant" … [Read more...]

About That Botanical Arts Thing (again)

Earlier this month the Memphis Garden Club presented a Garden Club of America Flower Show entitled A Joyous Festival... Works in the Dixon Gallery's permanent collection were the creative inspiration behind the show.  What a lovely way to mark the 40th anniversary of the Dixon where the club has … [Read more...]

Altar Flowers

The altar flowers at my church were so pretty yesterday that I just had to share them with you.  I had a feeling that I knew who had done the arrangements and my thoughts were confirmed when I saw the acknowledgment to the donors listed in the sleeve... I loved her use of nandina... I told her … [Read more...]

Joe Mason Engraving

I friend passed along Joe Mason's name after searching him out to engrave a baby pin.  This amazingly talented, self taught engraver is right down the road in Brandon, MS.   The majority of his work is with hand made knife embellishment. I spy the perfect thing for everything from card sharks to … [Read more...]

Easter Eggs

The current cover of Martha Stewart Living magazine has me thinking about Easter eggs... Now that's my kind of dyed egg!  Here OPP we have a tradition of dying our eggs on Good Friday.  I must admit that our ritual is the kind that involves the little plastic cups and a teaspoon of vinegar, … [Read more...]

A Newport Garden

I'm back in the archives today with a visit to a Newport Garden.  These gardeners have returned to a family home and are creating extensive garden rooms with the most innovative ideas. Let's look at some of the ways they divide the garden using walls... the stacked stone fences are a Rhode … [Read more...]

Paul’s Pastry

Wednesday found me on the road with a carload of friends, sadly heading to the funeral of a friend's father.  Ok, two funerals this week will quite enough for me thank you!  This family had a sweet tribute to their daddy and we all agreed that we were so glad that we went. There being a silver … [Read more...]