Surface View

A major kitchen revamp has had me sidelined and I have missed my time spent here with each and every one of you!  The end is in sight now and I look forward to returning to a somewhat normal schedule that will include blogging. I don't remember where I read about Surface View but let me tell you … [Read more...]

Holiday Potpourri

The long anticipated event my neighbor and I have been preparing for arrived with the first flush of fall last Friday.   A neighborhood school - First Presbyterian Day School -  held its annual fundraiser, Holiday Potpourri, between our houses and in the boulevard... Come right in... I made … [Read more...]

Decorating with Velvet

I suppose it's the heat that has had me stymied for the past week or so but on my drive home from Oxford yesterday I took note of the leaves turning to shades of yellow and red which led to thoughts of fall and yes even decorating with velvet! There's just something about the look and feel of … [Read more...]

Book Stacking

I don't know about you but I have stacks of books everywhere and I find them as comforting as old friends! it seems that book stacking is pretty popular... I found towers of books... I wouldn't be as scared of a landslide if they were … [Read more...]

Tea Towel Upholstery

How have I missed this tea towel upholstery created by Susie Stanford of ... My favorite travel souvineer is always a tea towel!  They're easy to pack and always bring a smile and a memory when you get them home.  Suzie has definitely taken it one step futher with her upholstery... Oh my … [Read more...]

One Fun Thing I Did Yesterday

I know I've told you that one of my favorite go-to books for design inspiration is One Man's Folly by Julia Evans Reed.  Reed chronicles design genius Furlow Gatewood's restoration of his family carriage house in Americus, Georgia.  If you don't have it run out and get a copy quick!  I love … [Read more...]

Design Inspiration

After meeting with a new client today, I've been poking around Pinterest looking for inspiration. There's nothing like an inspiration board to get the creative juices flowing... I usually have some version of an inspiration board going on the walls in my studio/workroom.  Gathering ideas into … [Read more...]

Lamp Shade Obsession

I readily admit to having a lamp shade obsession!  I can't help it, the shade to me is the ultimate accessory that either makes or breaks the lamp,  which is what led me to breaking open a can of paint and giving these boring shades a facelift... Not that there was anything wrong with the … [Read more...]

Bookish Decorating Continued

I got so carried away with all of the ideas I found for decorating with books that I thought it best to split it into two posts! So, here we go with bookish decorating continued... I love the colors and animal prints... Such a pretty pair of doors with wire screens... Another modern twist … [Read more...]

Bookish Decorating

I'm working with a couple of clients right now on decorating projects that involve bookcases and so have been perusing Pinterest for inspiration... A modern twist on book display... Love the angles and oh that chaise lounge.. Hmm, interesting... Again with angles and dreamy chaise … [Read more...]