Lucky Me

Lucky me!  A friend invited me to attend a meeting of her Play Readers Club last week.  She was hosting the group and had pulled out all the stops... The group meets monthly in each other's homes and members take turns reading short plays... On this occasion a partner was unable to attend and … [Read more...]

Luncheon of the Year

I have been planning a luncheon for a group of ladies from the Garden Club of America for about a year and last week it was showtime... The group came from far and near and were treated to some real southern hospitality from Jackson to Natchez to Laurel.  I dreamed up a spring luncheon in the … [Read more...]

Sneak Peek

I am in the throes of preparation for a luncheon on Thursday and thought I'd give you a sneak peek!  Let me just say that as I write we are under a severe thunderstorm warning and the rain is pounding my garden.  Fingers crossed for later in the week.  I took some time on this rainy day to get china … [Read more...]

Artist Joel Blanc

Artist Joel Blanc paints in an impressionistic style and has left his  own distinct impression in the athletic arena... Since 2004 he has returned each year to cover the French Open in his unique style... His fan base includes Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal!  Many television companies issue … [Read more...]

Treasures From A Mother

A friend recently acquired a treasure trove of his mother's prized possessions and I was thrilled to be invited over for a look! stunning stemware... loved this ice bucket... her wedding china... I love the sea green... Mottahedeh tureen and platter... details are … [Read more...]

Supper Club

We hosted our supper club on Friday night and I had a great time putting together a menu and setting the tables... my mother decided that she was ready to give up these blue glass plates and so I inherited them... you know how I am about books in the dining room... the enormous magnolia … [Read more...]

Demitasse Cup Collection

I told you last week about a centerpiece that my friend and I were putting together for a luncheon if you missed that click here  The speaker for the Garden Club of Jackson's Spring Fundraiser, John Grady Burns, had recently published his third book, Collections, and thus the idea was born to have … [Read more...]

Burleigh Pottery

  Burleigh Pottery has been being handmade in the UK since 1851...  Each of the charming patterns was created with an influence from nature. blue regal peacock... black willow... asiatic pheasant... engraver's collection... blue arden...  Burleigh, the last working … [Read more...]

Fun With A Collection

Given by her godmother on special occasions through the years, daughter has a delightful collection of demitasse cups...  I am having a little fun with her collection in preparation for a luncheon on Thursday! I love how some of them have the floral pattern on the inside of the cup... some … [Read more...]

This and That on Thursday

This is just one of those kind of this and that days so here we go! Yesterday morning was that first morning of almost spring when I took my coffee and did my ritual walk through the garden and I quickly realized how much I had been missing that! Even through several hard freezes and some sleet … [Read more...]