Sneak Peek

I am in the throes of preparation for a luncheon on Thursday and thought I'd give you a sneak peek!  Let me just say that as I write we are under a severe thunderstorm warning and the rain is pounding my garden.  Fingers crossed for later in the week.  I took some time on this rainy day to get china … [Read more...]

Fleaing On Friday at Antique Mall of the South

I mentioned yesterday that a friend and I set out for a stroll through the Antique Mall of the South this week and there were a few things that caught my eye as being worthy of a mention in fleaing on Friday... There were many patriotic displays and one featured my friend Lillian's Famous … [Read more...]

Marioluca Giusti

I found a great store full of colorful glassware in Florence... My choice would be to mix up all of the colors to make my collection... there are several other special pieces to choose from... Love her orange logo... And the colorful elephant candles were a favorite... The clientele … [Read more...]

Winter Inspiration From Annelle Primos & Associates

One of my favorite shops for any inspiration is Annelle Primos & Associates in Highland Village here in Jackson. After spotting a lone Santa Claus lurking around here On Pinehurst Place this morning I decided that some winter inspiration was definitely needed so I headed directly over to … [Read more...]

Walking Around The Mississippi Craft Show

The Mississippi Craft Show is in full swing this weekend in Jackson.  The show is in its' second year and showcases the work of many talented Mississippi craftsmen and artists.  I love the way this event highlights the talents of folks in Mississippi and at the same time raises money for the needs … [Read more...]

The Art of Absinthe

  The beauty of the perforated spoons is what caught my eye... I didn't know much about Absinthe, only that it was "dangerous" and had been outlawed. After some research I discovered a bit  more about La Fee Verte - The Green Fairy... Absinthe was created at the end of the 18th … [Read more...]