Are You Ready For Some Football?

It is hard to believe that football season is here, especially when the thermometer says 96 degrees on game day, but what are you gonna do?  Get ready for some football! Attire for the Ole Miss opener was declared "white out"... I'm so used to seeing red or blue that the white looked funny to me … [Read more...]

Game Day Guacamole

Ok so I was not really that into the Super Bowl until game time began to draw closer and I decided to get in the game with some game day guacamole! You know my favorite go to for a recipe is Ina Garten,  The Barefoot Contessa.  Instead of just throwing together my version of guacamole I looked up … [Read more...]

Time To Tailgate

It's that time - time to tailgate!  Many of you probably already have a jump on me but tomorrow will be my first tailgate of the season and I am looking forward to a great day in the grove at Ole Miss! I scoured around pinterest for some inspirational tailgating ideas and was not … [Read more...]

Football Season Is Here

It is hard to believe that football season is here! Our team's season opener was played in Atlanta and while many of our faithful fans made the trip, we did not. Don't worry though, we watched in style at the home of our friends who host the most elegant tailgates... the veranda is always a … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Tailgate

It is so hard to believe that football season is in full swing.  The opening game of the season in the SEC between Ole Miss and Vanderbilt was last Thursday night and some friends invited us over to watch the game. Fall mums in the dining room announce the season... festive flowers … [Read more...]