Bucket Bags

I have been seeing advertisements in all the fashion magazines for bucket bags... apparently they are a fashion trend... I have also been seeing the Anya Hindmarch sticker collection all over the place and love the letters... they are even showing up on bucket bags... I mean you could … [Read more...]

Across The Garden Gate With Adrienne Moncrief Hemphill

I recently had a  chat across the garden gate here OPP with friend, neighbor and businesswoman, Adrienne Moncrief Hemphill.  Let me tell you, this lady is one go-getter!  Her story is fascinating and as she tells it we laugh a lot and get a little sentimental as well.  I first met Adrienne when she … [Read more...]

Peacock Mania

Is is just me or are peacocks showing up everywhere out there? Maybe it was my encounter with Isaac Ross down at Prospect Hill Plantation that started me noticing the fanciful peacock popping up everywhere... after all... he did put on quite a show... or perhaps it was my becoming enamored … [Read more...]

Brim Couture

  It is hard to believe that summer is upon us but the graduation announcements arriving here OPP are proof positive that it is so!  With the temperatures rising one thing we will all need to have at hand is a stylish hat for keeping the suns rays at bay. I have found the cutest hats … [Read more...]

Peachy The Magazine

Blair Farris, a landscape and garden designer in Charlotte, North Carolina, launched her online luxury magazine - Peachy the Magazine - last September. I first became aware of her through the Design Bloggers Conference I attended in March.... Blair's passion for beauty and nurturing a full life … [Read more...]

Celebrate The Launch Of The Scout Guide Jackson

I attended a beautiful party Thursday night to celebrate the launch of The Scout Guide Jackson... It was held at Duling Hall and the scene was set with dramatic blue lights... Walker's Drive-In catered... pretty flowers... the star of the show... Editor Kristin Allen has done an … [Read more...]

Old Agency Collection for Carlisle

Two friends recently made the decision to set up shop and represent Carlisle women's fashion. Welcome to the Old Agency Collection! Carlisle is a high-end fashion company based in New York City.  The dresses, suits, separates, and accessories are sold in privately held trunk shows.  My friends' … [Read more...]

And The Oscar Goes To…

The Oscar winners for the year will finally be revealed to us tonight and that naturally has me thinking about The Dresses! Do you have this book?... Hal Rubenstein interviews designers and tells the stories behind these iconic garments.  There are over 200 images of unforgettable dresses and … [Read more...]

Fleaing On Friday At Zoubir Tabout Antiques

I stopped in Zoubir Tabout Antiques this week for a little antique fix and was not disappointed.  I met Zoubir last year right before taking a trip to New Orleans and very soon discovered a connection.  While in NOLA I visited a favorite shop, Lucullus, and in talking with the shopkeeper found out … [Read more...]

Do You Do Downton Abbey?

I have been anxiously awaiting the day for Season 4 of Downton Abbey to premiere - do you do Downton Abbey? I have been following along from the beginning... I love the scenery... and costumes... and the drama... and I can't wait to see what season 4 will bring... what about … [Read more...]