Mrs. Brown

I'm in high anticipation for the release of Judy Dench's latest theatrical collaboration with director Stephen Frears - "Victoria & Abdul."  An article in the local paper touting Dame Judy's accomplishments this week caught my eye and I decided that a viewing of "Mrs. Brown" was in … [Read more...]

Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont

Well I'm dealing with some crazy technical thing and have been having trouble with my computer  so here I am on my trusty IPhone hoping to be able to send this your way! I watched the cutest movie the other day... In this story about a widow creating her new normal, a chance encounter really … [Read more...]

Victoria Mania

  Have you caught Victoria Mania like I have?  I am loving the Masterpiece series...   It is so much fun to be watching young Victoria as she goes from a somewhat neglected teenager to become the most powerful woman in the world!  Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria is perfectly cast in … [Read more...]

LA LA Land

I treated myself to a movie yesterday after I dropped number 2 son off at the airport.  The house is always way too quiet after the kids and their friends have been here and a movie is my favorite way to bridge the emptiness.  I already knew which flick was calling to me...   I knew that … [Read more...]

A Little Bit About Beaufort

We spent some time in South Carolina recently while Mr. Doctor participated in a board meeting at Hilton Head.  One day we decided to discover a little bit about Beaufort - home to beloved author Pat Conroy... Views were spectacular... Being fans of Conroy, we set out to find the house where … [Read more...]

Ricki and the Flash

The magic of Meryl Streep continues with the making of Ricki And The Flash... I love that she learned how to play the electric guitar and did all of her own vocals for the film... I love that her daughter plays Ricki's daughter... I love the way her relationship with Greg (Rick Springfield) … [Read more...]

Foyle’s War

  This just in - one of you turned me on to the English/World War II/Murder Mystery series Foyle's War. I.Love.Everything.About.It World War II is raging and police detective Christopher Foyle has been denied access to action so remains on duty in his quiet little town on the English coast. … [Read more...]


I met my Sunday afternoon movie-going friend yesterday for a much anticipated viewing of... I was so excited because two of my Downton Abbey friends were appearing! Rose, aka Lily James, as Cinderella was perfectly cast and Daisy, aka Sophie McShera, made a very convincing Drucilla... The … [Read more...]

Graphic Designer Annie Atkins

It's no late breaking news that I loved the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel and with my love of paper it will come as no surprise that I quickly tracked down the master mind behind the fictitious Empire of Zubrowka's superb paper trail - graphic designer Annie Atkins... “A fictitious country … [Read more...]

And The Oscar Goes To…

It's finally time for the award winners to be revealed and every year I can't wait to see the results. I'm writing this on Sunday afternoon prior to the announcements and will go out on a limb here with my prediction for Best Picture.  I will also promise not to jump up at 4:00 in the morning to … [Read more...]