Fleaing on Friday at High Street Antique Mall

I was pleased to find several new antique dealers on a recent visit to High Street Antique Mall.  A favorite was Liz &Laura... I love the ampersand painted on the wall... Sweet little butter pat dishes... They have a good eye for display... In another booth I found these chaise … [Read more...]

Fleaing On Friday: Lucullus

Patrick Dunne's shop, Lucullus on Chartres Street in New Orleans is a visual as well as a gastronomic delight.  The shop has been there specializing in "culinary antiques" for thirty years, interestingly, an antique shop has operated out of the location for over a century! On this day there was … [Read more...]

Fleaing on Friday

I had a little time to fill in between appointments yesterday and so headed to one more of my favorite antique haunts here in Jackson.  Their sign announcing new shipment really lured me in! I was not disappointed - Pretty pops of pillow color were everywhere: Love this fresh take on the moss … [Read more...]


Shax Riegler's book Dish: 813 colorful, wonderful dinner plates is a treasure trove of delightful dinner plates. Running the gamut from ancient times to modern, Tiffany to Picasso, Minton to Noritake,  the book is organized by themes and contains large beautiful photographs by Robert Bean. The … [Read more...]

Fleaing on Friday

I found myself wandering around a favorite antique shop today to while away a little time between appointments... First thing that caught my eye - these great colored bottles like the ones in the collected room. Probably need to add a little to the collection... I am a sucker for antique … [Read more...]

Vintage Monograms

On a recent shopping trip, via my laptop, to One Kings Lane I could not believe what I saw... After all, how often do you find YOUR monogram on a piece of vintage linen? Oh the beautiful M, and the C, embroidered on this gorgeous linen table scarf... I could not resist, could you? Well, as … [Read more...]

A Little Lagniappe

On my way home from treasure hunting in an antique market yesterday a neon pink sign caught my eye.  One block from turning onto my street it screamed "Estate Sale"!  Well, what else could I do?  I made the block and parked as fast as possible!  One of the things I love about living in my … [Read more...]

Fleaing on Friday

There are so many wonderful antique markets around and I love to visit and dream!  Friday is the perfect day for this as I have the entire weekend to measure and play with any treasures that I bring home. A quick trip to the garden with my coffee sets the tone for the day! Today I visited one of … [Read more...]