Farleigh House

A visit to a private home in Hampshire was a highlight from my recent trip across the pond... Hmmm, Farleigh House may qualify as more than just a "country home"... We didn't even have to ring the bell as we were greeted heartily just as soon as we disembarked the "motor coach"... A house … [Read more...]

New Covent Garden Flower Market

Whew, it's been a busy few days here OPP having both out of town kids home with pups in tow... All is quiet now and I'm looking forward to sharing some more with you from my recent trip to England! Early one morning we visited the New Covent Garden Flower Market with our new best friend, Judith … [Read more...]

Judith Blacklock Flower School

My recent trip to London started off right with a visit to Judith Blacklock's Flower School in Knightsbridge... Tucked in a flower-filled mews, the school has an excellent reputation for teaching and flower arranging... Of course Judith and her team had created a fabulous flower filled arch at … [Read more...]

Spring Garden Tour

I want to recommend an event taking place this week... The weather is promising to be glorious... I guarantee the gardens are glorious... For the first time this year's event will incorporate a gardeny gift shop... (Which I just happen to be the co-chairman of!) and among many other … [Read more...]

A Special Baptism

Yesterday we celebrated the baptism of two special boys and number one son became a godparent for the first time! It was so special for the boys to be baptized together... Number one son and the father of our boys... (They've been posing for pictures for many years!) I thought the altar … [Read more...]

Luncheon of the Year

I have been planning a luncheon for a group of ladies from the Garden Club of America for about a year and last week it was showtime... The group came from far and near and were treated to some real southern hospitality from Jackson to Natchez to Laurel.  I dreamed up a spring luncheon in the … [Read more...]

Altar Flowers

The altar flowers at my church were so pretty yesterday that I just had to share them with you.  I had a feeling that I knew who had done the arrangements and my thoughts were confirmed when I saw the acknowledgment to the donors listed in the sleeve... I loved her use of nandina... I told her … [Read more...]

Shane Connolly

I loved getting to see Shane Connolly work his magic with flowers at the Antique & Garden Show in Nashville last weekend...  If you think you don't know who I am talking about hold on for just a second. look familiar?... yes, that's him, favorite florist of the royals the one who … [Read more...]

A Toast to Eudora

The Belhaven Garden Club meeting this week was a toast to Eudora Welty... our hostesses had gone all out... everything was planned around reminiscences of Welty and appropriate quotes accompanied each item... it was all delicious... Take a close look at the silver lazy susan, it is … [Read more...]

Flowers For a Friend

I said a fond farewell to a friend this week and her sweet family asked me to provide a flower arrangement for the visitation/luncheon.  I was thrilled and set out to find just the right flowers to use in celebration of this extraordinary life.  Commemorating the life of such a gentlewoman could … [Read more...]