A Chance Encounter

I had a lovely chance encounter last week on a flight from Dallas to Jackson.  What, you might ask, is so exceptional about that?   Well, for one thing I usually try to avoid airplane conversations.  This is not about being unfriendly, I'd just rather spend the time with my nose in a book than … [Read more...]

Flowers For a Friend

I said a fond farewell to a friend this week and her sweet family asked me to provide a flower arrangement for the visitation/luncheon.  I was thrilled and set out to find just the right flowers to use in celebration of this extraordinary life.  Commemorating the life of such a gentlewoman could … [Read more...]

Christmas Cheer

I had one of those days this week when I needed to be in three places at once!  I felt myself getting frustrated so I slowed down to breathe and gratitude took over.  I realized how lucky I was to be included in three festive occasions and so I loaded up the sleigh and headed out for some Christmas … [Read more...]

It’s The Little Things

A cousin's comment on a Facebook post prompted today's random musings! tomatoes in November... yes indeed, it is the little things that can bring the most pleasure to daily living... it will get cold this weekend and so these could be the final dahlias of the season... a little bouquet … [Read more...]

At Home

After traveling around a good bit this fall it is nice to just be at home! Cammie agrees... a bit of rearranging in my studio/work space found a large table placed in front of a big triple window... The room used to be arranged with a sofa in front of the windows and Cammie perched on it for … [Read more...]

Get The Vote Out

Yesterday  I exercised my right to vote... As I was leaving my local polling place, I couldn't help but go back to the memory of a night spent in one of the most notable rally sites for women's suffrage... The Chinese Tea House sits on a seaside cliff behind Marble House in Newport.  Following … [Read more...]

Porch Sitting

One of my favorite neighborhood porches is just around the corner from me and Cammie and I walk by it at least once a day.  When we come to the jasmine covered trellis she inevitably stops and looks longingly toward the shady welcoming spot.  One day this week as we happened by and Cammie stopped to … [Read more...]

Looking Back

As 2014 draws to a close I thought a quick look back might be fun. Writing a blog is a bit like keeping a scrapbook for me and it was fun to take a backward glance to remember the high points of the year. (click on any of the green links to return to the post) The post that you enjoyed the most … [Read more...]

Lighting The Way

One of my favorite Jackson families has been lighting the way for folks for some time now.  The wife's family is actually in the home lighting business and so I guess I just always thought that their holiday display was in some way related to this.  Last week I rode by attempting to sneak around and … [Read more...]

A Toast To Monkey

My friend's mother passed away several years ago and she has the sweetest tradition to honor her memory - it's A Toast To Monkey! Monkey, you see, was the mother's nickname and she was beloved by her family and all of their friends.  Every year on Monkey's birthday her daughter hosts a get-together … [Read more...]