The Bee Man

A picture of some pretty candles in this month's issue of House Beautiful caught my eye... I loved the shapes and colors so I went searching and found The Bee Man Candles...   Brian Howell, aka The Bee Man, has been around for quite some time and I found a great article … [Read more...]


A friend called a few months back to ask if I would host her antique club and talk to them about some of my collections.  Since I knew I'd be gearing up for another event I readily agreed thinking that it would push me to get things done early.  Well there were a few bumps in the road but I pulled … [Read more...]

The Decorated Letter

Whew!  It's been a while since I've been able to post anything here and I really do miss the contact and feedback with all of you!  I promise there is a valid reason for my absence and will be sharing that with you in the coming days In the meantime, my friend Peggy Goldstein of The Decorated … [Read more...]

One Fun Thing I Did Yesterday

I know I've told you that one of my favorite go-to books for design inspiration is One Man's Folly by Julia Evans Reed.  Reed chronicles design genius Furlow Gatewood's restoration of his family carriage house in Americus, Georgia.  If you don't have it run out and get a copy quick!  I love … [Read more...]

Lamp Shade Obsession

I readily admit to having a lamp shade obsession!  I can't help it, the shade to me is the ultimate accessory that either makes or breaks the lamp,  which is what led me to breaking open a can of paint and giving these boring shades a facelift... Not that there was anything wrong with the … [Read more...]

Pagoda Anyone?

Lately I've had pagodas on the brain and I find myself searching around for a pagoda to add to the decor here OPP. There are so many choices! lamps... towers... I'd be jumping for joy over jade... I found this cute little birdhouse on ebay but it … [Read more...]

La Cigale

  The bright colors of french provencal table linens caught my eye while I was strolling around the Newport Flower Show in June... (this is not the booth in Newport - I was moving so fast I didn't even snap a photo)  I had less time than I wished to linger in the show's … [Read more...]

Concrete Garden Ornaments

I suppose since I live in a poured concrete house it will come as no surprise that I love concrete garden ornaments! In opening up a long neglected area of the garden this summer I find myself searching for some ornaments to make this spot feel "finished"... Although who am I kidding - I'll … [Read more...]

Linens from Siena Continued

Yesterday I told you about the fabulous linens that I purchased last summer in Siena. Today I'll fill you in on what has happened with them since I returned! My friend, Peggy Goldstein, creates the most beautiful monograms and I knew that she would be my go-to person for personalizing the napkins … [Read more...]

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Ok, I know I am late to the party but I finally got around to visiting my local Annie Sloan Chalk Paint retailer in Fondren... I had some old shutters with paint peeling hanging on the wall in the garden, peeling paint on garden adornments is usually alright with me, but they needed a little … [Read more...]