Patio Umbrella

Ok, I am back again to that rethinking thing going on in my back yard and today I'm thinking about patio umbrellas.  I have never had a spot in my garden before to even think about using a patio umbrella but with the reclaiming of a paved area that was home to many a basketball game in the past, I … [Read more...]

Weller Pottery

I received a Weller Pottery vase for Christmas this year...  I decided to fill it up with some tulips to enjoy over the weekend... Samuel Weller founded Weller Pottery in 1872 in Ohio.  His business was begun in a small cabin where he had a single kiln and produced bowls, vases, flower pots … [Read more...]

L’Objet and Fortuny

If you saw my post on designer Dan Marty yesterday then you will be aware of the magazine tearing/sorting/stashing that is going on here OPP.   This caught my eye in an Architectural Digest: L'Objet's Fortuny -Inspired Collection... Mario Fortuny, a Spaniard, adopted Venice as his home where he … [Read more...]

Christopher Glen

When I was in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago my friend introduced me to the wonderful shop Christopher Glen... and I knew immediately that you would love to see his wonderful wares so come along... it had me at the front courtyard... lots of concrete planters and decorations to … [Read more...]

Shopping At Home Goods

I get some great tips from many of you out there reading along with me and one of these led me on a little shopping expedition to Home Goods! You see, about a week ago, one of you tipped me off about some peacock note cards spotted in Home Goods.  I could not get them out of my mind and so off I … [Read more...]

Fox Hollow

One of the perks of being in the Garden Club of Jackson is the opportunity to see other members homes and gardens, and the garden we saw in beautiful Fox Hollow was no exception. I entered through the side garden where this antique rose is thriving... pretty iron fountain surrounded by … [Read more...]


  Collecting objects is an interesting and enjoyable hobby that encompasses searching, finding, obtaining, listing, displaying, storing and maintaining   I have a friend who is a master collector. She was kind enough to allow me to roam around her wonderful home and take photos of … [Read more...]

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! The sun has come out to shine on us and chased away the polar vortex (at least for the moment) and so it is indeed a happy day.  I had a very pleasant ride around the Belhaven neighborhood capturing some Valentine cheer for you yesterday. Come along and enjoy … [Read more...]

Blue and White Bash

I thought it would be fun today to link up to The Blue and White Bash over at The Pink Pagoda, a blog that I always enjoy reading.  Click on the link and browse through some blue and white beauty on this Monday! Over here On Pinehurst Place things tend to be more green, yellow and red than blue and … [Read more...]

Harrison Howard’s Flower Ladies

I saw some of Harrison Howard's work a while back in conjunction with the Lauritzen Gardens Antique and Flower Show in Omaha, Nebraska.  I fell immediately in love with what he calls "The Flower Ladies", his series of whimsical paintings of fantasies based on fashion design. here are a few … [Read more...]