Beautiful Bridesmaids Luncheon

One of daughter's closest friends got married last weekend and it was a fairy tale event from start to finish!  I was lucky enough to help with flowers and photography for the bridesmaids luncheon. tables were set with the hostess' pretty linens and … [Read more...]

A Sunday Surprise

A friend invited me to attend a Sunday afternoon service at St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Bolton.  A musical offering was on the schedule and I decided it would be just the thing to do.  Mandy Spivak, an adjunct music professor at Mississippi College, would be performing and I had no clue who she … [Read more...]

A Chance Encounter

I had a lovely chance encounter last week on a flight from Dallas to Jackson.  What, you might ask, is so exceptional about that?   Well, for one thing I usually try to avoid airplane conversations.  This is not about being unfriendly, I'd just rather spend the time with my nose in a book than … [Read more...]

Bring On Spring

It's been a week full of ups and downs here OPP, so when I spotted this ring of narcissus on a morning walk I took it as a good sign... Ups and downs I tell you - everything from a funeral to a surprise birthday party, from the anticipation of a trip of a lifetime to sitting in a hospital room … [Read more...]

A Rough Start to 2017

Hello friends! I'll just be honest with you, we are off to a rough start to 2017 here OPP.  We have lost a young man near and dear to us and way too soon.  He and number 2 son were freshman college roommates and it just seems like yesterday. You know how much a garden means to me and so I was … [Read more...]

Hello Dolly!

By now you may know that I was lucky enough to travel with a group of friends to New Orleans last week to see Dolly Parton in concert... The Pure and Simple Tour hit all the right notes!  Just Dolly and three fellow musicians entertained nonstop for three hours... I lost track of the number of … [Read more...]

What’s in a House Number?

Happy Election Day - I think? At any rate, the craziness of this election will soon be over. Which has me thinking, what's in a house number? ... The iconic 1600 is up for grabs today and it will certainly be interesting to find out who is moving in ... I'll leave you with a … [Read more...]

Sunrise on Cadillac Mountain

A highlight from my trip to Maine this summer was sharing a sunrise with number 2 son and daughter on Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park... It's a 4:30 wake up call but well worth it!  The short drive up the mountain was bumper to bumper as this is a popular activity for tourists as well … [Read more...]

A Little More Chelsea Flower Show

There was so much to see at the Chelsea Flower Show that I am still trying to process it all! Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday was definitely a huge influence... Creativity in creating display gardens was amazing... Get me to the church on time... Horticulture heaven... Ah, the David … [Read more...]

5000 Poppies

When I visited the Chelsea Flower Show last month one of the exhibits that I found particularly appealing was 5000 Poppies A Community Tribute of Respect and Remembrance... Two daughter of World Ward II Veterans, Lynn Berry and Margaret Knight began with a goal of crocheting 120 poppies to "plant" … [Read more...]