Salad Days

Salad Days is a hydroponic farm in Flora, MS, that specializes in growing pesticide-free produce and is able to supply warm season crops such as several varieties of tomatoes, lettuce and basil nearly 365 days a year. Family owned and operated by my friends, Jamie Redmond and Leigh Bailey... They … [Read more...]

A Holiday Field Trip

I set out on Saturday to procure a small beef tenderloin because I wanted to try a new recipe before Chrismas Day and ended up on a holiday field trip! As I headed north toward Kroger I made a snap decision and kept on going to Flora, MS and the Flora Butcher.  I have read about this entrepreneur … [Read more...]

The Decorated Letter

Whew!  It's been a while since I've been able to post anything here and I really do miss the contact and feedback with all of you!  I promise there is a valid reason for my absence and will be sharing that with you in the coming days In the meantime, my friend Peggy Goldstein of The Decorated … [Read more...]

Art Show and Reception at The Cedars

Head over The Cedars in Fondren for a fun evening this Thursday, October 13th... in addition to the fabulous art show, The Pryor Band will be playing... I went by to help my friend Pryor deliver her paintings and took a few pictures to give you a sneak preview... Of course there a few of … [Read more...]

Extraordinary Ed Nichols Farm

A group of friends met and took a trip out to the beautiful farm where the extraordinary Ed Nichols has been growing plants that many of us have transplanted into our own gardens for years... The real purpose of our visit was to assist his sweet wife with a bit of weeding or planting or whatever … [Read more...]

Spring Garden Tour

I want to recommend an event taking place this week... The weather is promising to be glorious... I guarantee the gardens are glorious... For the first time this year's event will incorporate a gardeny gift shop... (Which I just happen to be the co-chairman of!) and among many other … [Read more...]

Interior Spaces New Location

I met a friend to check out the new location of Jackson's Interior Spaces earlier in the week and let me tell you I was wowed! The Lakeland Drive venue is amazing... So many of my talented friends are represented... The space is large but a meandering wood pathway leads you from booth to … [Read more...]

Luncheon of the Year

I have been planning a luncheon for a group of ladies from the Garden Club of America for about a year and last week it was showtime... The group came from far and near and were treated to some real southern hospitality from Jackson to Natchez to Laurel.  I dreamed up a spring luncheon in the … [Read more...]

This That and the Other

Big doings OPP today... Rainy weather makes for a. Lush garden... If you get the chance head over to Batte Furniture today for an exclusive Annie glass event.  It's worth the trip if only to see their Herend display... Meanwhile, back at the ranch... To be continued... … [Read more...]

Joe Mason Engraving

I friend passed along Joe Mason's name after searching him out to engrave a baby pin.  This amazingly talented, self taught engraver is right down the road in Brandon, MS.   The majority of his work is with hand made knife embellishment. I spy the perfect thing for everything from card sharks to … [Read more...]