Rivers Plant Farms

I made my annual spring trek down Highway 18 to Rivers Plant Farm with a friend Friday.  This garden center is a special one and hasn't disappointed so far.  Friday was no exception... Plants are always lush and so I have a hard time making decisions... Aside from the expected though, there … [Read more...]

Hop Over To The Everyday Gardener

I met a friend at one of my favorite shops yesterday to do a little planning for an upcoming project and as usual, The Everyday Gardener was full of great gifting ideas.  With Valentine's Day and Easter fast approaching TEG is your one stop shop for those holiday gifts... there's a nice selection … [Read more...]

Moving Right Along

I couldn't help but notice the seasonal display that greeted me yesterday at my local neighborhood grocer's.  The New Year has been ushered in and now 2016 is moving right along... I am so lucky to have a wonderful grocery store a mere four blocks from OPP and I do the bulk of my shopping with … [Read more...]

The Coop

I buzzed up to Oxford yesterday to meet daughter, do a bit of Christmas shopping and pay a visit to the parents.  After a day of running around, daughter and I headed over to the rooftop bar at the newest Oxford hotel, The Graduate... the chicken coop theme is so catchy... the fox in the … [Read more...]

St. Martin’s Gallery

I headed over to one of my favorite haunts the other day because I needed wanted some small antlers to finish out a grouping that I want to hang here OPP. Here's the good news, a huge new shipment recently arrived at St. Martin's Gallery in Fondren and the selections are nothing short of … [Read more...]

The Four Freedoms

I loved hearing Bebe Wolfe talk about her mother's work  yesterday at my antique club meeting. We met at the Mississippi Museum of Art and the focus of her talk was on the four panels depicting The Four Freedoms made famous in a speech by President Roosevelt.  A Mississippi shopkeeper commissioned … [Read more...]

Christmas Open House

A reminder and invitation today to a Holiday Open House, just in case you missed it last week... my friend Tay Morgan sent me a few photos previewing some of her artistic offerings... her college paintings are always popular and make great gifts... small paintings would be perfect stocking … [Read more...]

Support Small Businesses Today and Every Day

I am a huge supporter of small local business so to celebrate Small Business Saturday join me for a stroll through Annelle Primos' gorgeous shop in Highland Village... my friend, Becky Vizard, was here recently to sign her new book, Once Upon A Pillow, and I ran right over... I'm so excited … [Read more...]

A Holiday Open House and You Are Invited

If you've been around here for a while you may remember the Christmas ornaments that I made and sold last year.  Well, this year I have joined with a group of friends and we will be hosting a Holiday Open House on December 3rd... I'd love to see all of you there! Here's a sample of what you will … [Read more...]

Celebrating Our Generations

The Greater Belhaven Foundation annual celebration Celebrate Our Generations was a huge hit! This year's party was held in the home of a second generation Belhaven family... It is wonderful to see my neighbors children returning to the neighborhood where they grew up to raise their own families. … [Read more...]