A Paper Calendar

At the risk of ruining my reputation as a highly tech-savvy blogger (teehee) I have a confession to make... I have returned to using a paper calendar! Well there you have it. I was a failure at keeping my calendar in the cloud. I tried. I really tried. I have gone back to writing out my … [Read more...]

Out and About

I had a great day yesterday working with two clients.  The first assignment was rethinking and planning home office space for a husband and wife.  I love helping people transition spaces to fit their needs!  The second was a perfectly fun fluffing up of a dining room after the table had been … [Read more...]

Back to the Books

  Labor Day is a real turning point in the year don't you think?  For one thing, if you are school aged or have people living in your realm who are, it means that it is time to get back to the books!  These days that seems to actually happen much earlier than Labor Day for most but still it is … [Read more...]

Journaling In The Garden

Do you enjoy journaling?  I have always been something of a journaler  though the process has taken many different forms through the years.  Recently I have been drawn to journaling in the garden.  I would like to have a written record of what I planted that was happy here OPP as well as what did … [Read more...]

Coveted Closets

I have been working in my closet this weekend, having finally decided that winter is gone and I can put the boots away now! After a few hours a well deserved break was taken and I sat down to look at some really pretty closets for inspiration. So, if you also need a little inspiration in your … [Read more...]


  Collecting objects is an interesting and enjoyable hobby that encompasses searching, finding, obtaining, listing, displaying, storing and maintaining   I have a friend who is a master collector. She was kind enough to allow me to roam around her wonderful home and take photos of … [Read more...]

Reinventing A Family Entryway

I am pleased to share the results of a recent project - reinventing a family entryway. My client and her husband have three children, the youngest being a senior in high school this year, and so the function of their family entryway is in transition. A wonderful space, the entry has housed … [Read more...]

Garden Club of America Centennial

The centennial meeting of the Garden Club of America was held this year in Philadelphia, PA... and I was fortunate enough to attend as a delegate from The Garden Club of Jackson.  Recently I was asked to write a post describing my experience for the club's October newsletter. We checked in to … [Read more...]

Pack It Up and Let’s Go!

When getting ready for a trip the most important thing I do is plan, plan, plan. After all, travel is so much more enjoyable if you have what you need but are not weighed down with extra baggage. I start by making a list for packing, by day and activity. These envelopes from Eagle Creek make … [Read more...]

The Planning and Packing of a Wardrobe

I have been working with one of my favorite clients over the past two weeks getting her packed up and ready to spend several months in her mountain home.  (Smart lady to get out of the Mississippi summer heat and humidity!)  This is the third year we have worked together to make sure she has … [Read more...]