A Beautiful Blizzard Update

Number two son has been battling the blizzard up in Portland, Maine this week and I have been paying particular attention to all of the images I see coming from there. The best by far are Benjamin Williamson's photographs that I see on Facebook every day.  I introduced you to him in a post a while … [Read more...]

Instagram Fun Round 2

Last week I shared some of my favorite instagram images as requested.  When I began putting together a "few" of my favorites, it quickly became clear that I had many more than you would want to peruse in a single post so here we go with round 2! you know that I love to see what other gardeners are … [Read more...]

Benjamin Williamson

Benjamin Williamson, a self-taught photographer lives in Brunswick, Maine, and I found out about him through a happenstance meeting with his mother.  I went out to shoot some pictures in Stephanie Dwyer's studio in Ridgeland prior to her move to Tennessee and Benjamin's mother happened to be there. … [Read more...]

Ken Murphy’s Book: Jackson

A reception and book signing for the newly released Jackson book was held at the Eudora Welty House and Garden Museum last week.  I was not able to attend since I was off having a trip to lovely Italy, but am fortunate to have a roving reporter/photographer friend who graciously sent me her photos … [Read more...]

Photo Shoot

I was lucky enough to be invited along on a photo shoot last week.  Designer Sharon Demos of Wilmington, North Carolina was in Jackson to capture images of some of her design work for her website.  One of her clients is a friend and she invited me along! Professional photographer Greg Campbell was … [Read more...]

Happy Monday

Happy Monday to all of you and I hope your week is off to a great start. I recently updated my camera and could not wait to play around with it a little bit.  A birthday celebration here OPP provided the perfect opportunity.  Yesterday I showed you a little party prep and was complaining about the … [Read more...]

Journaling In The Garden

Do you enjoy journaling?  I have always been something of a journaler  though the process has taken many different forms through the years.  Recently I have been drawn to journaling in the garden.  I would like to have a written record of what I planted that was happy here OPP as well as what did … [Read more...]

I’ve Been Waterlogued

I tried to upload the Waterlogue app a week or so ago and discovered that I would first have to break down and download the I phone upgrade.  I have been putting this off because my phone had too many pictures on it for the download to install.  Well, I had some time for tech issues yesterday and I … [Read more...]

L’Heure Bleue

Photographers call it "sweet light", l'heure bleue, the period each morning and evening between daylight and darkness.  The quality of light during this time is special, the sky appears so vividly blue that it is indeed The Blue Hour. I was in The Grove at Ole Miss just before game time when I … [Read more...]