2017 Year of the Rooster

It was fun seeing all the images from the Chinese New Year posted on social media over the weekend.  So, it is goodbye to the monkey and hello to the rooster! 2017 is a Fire Rooster Year...   Chinese astrology accords that every year is associated with one of the five elements and an … [Read more...]

A Rough Start to 2017

Hello friends! I'll just be honest with you, we are off to a rough start to 2017 here OPP.  We have lost a young man near and dear to us and way too soon.  He and number 2 son were freshman college roommates and it just seems like yesterday. You know how much a garden means to me and so I was … [Read more...]

Festive Holiday Gathering

I loved getting to see my friend's beautiful Christmas decorations at a festive holiday gathering last week... Santa was quite a hit... Every room was decked out for the holidays... Notice the crackling fire through the window in the garden folly... Beautiful centerpiece... Kitchen … [Read more...]

A Holiday Field Trip

I set out on Saturday to procure a small beef tenderloin because I wanted to try a new recipe before Chrismas Day and ended up on a holiday field trip! As I headed north toward Kroger I made a snap decision and kept on going to Flora, MS and the Flora Butcher.  I have read about this entrepreneur … [Read more...]

This That and The Other

You may know that I've been in the midst of a kitchen renovation over here OPP.  Well, I'm still without the power to bake thanks to a faulty set of ovens being installed.  I'm kind of really really tired of it now!  Here's the silver lining, a warming drawer that is also a slow cooker.  I … [Read more...]

Sneak Peak

I had so much fun helping a friend stage and style her home for a Delta Magazine photo shoot a few days ago... In the dining room we arranged flowers for a Valentine dinner party and I thought you might like a sneak peak... As soon as we knew when the shoot would take place I called my friend … [Read more...]

Floral Design Workshop

The Garden Club of Jackson welcomed Julie Spears from Memphis as our guest speaker this week.  Julie is a floral design expert and has won many accolades in Garden Club of America Flower Shows across the country.  She shared floral design tips with our club as she demonstrated creating seasonal … [Read more...]

Halloween Fun

I have a friend who revels in Halloween! no, really... A few years ago, when she realized that the days of trick or treating with little ones was in the rear view mirror, she enlisted the help of her hubby and started throwing a Halloween dinner party. no detail is overlooked... Spooky is … [Read more...]

Coast to Coast

I've covered a lot of ground over the past few days and have literally been from coast to coast! This weekend I hopped over to the east coast to celebrate a special birthday... It was quite the celebration and the honoree was totally surprised! Pretty flowers on all the tables... The party … [Read more...]

Dispatches from Maine

Number 2 son, living in picturesque Maine, knows how excited I get over the beautiful fall foliage and sent a couple of dispatches over the weekend... It was nice to know that he was thinking of me as he cruised along through the scenic countryside on his way to Tumbledown mountain... The view … [Read more...]