Pontchartrain Hotel

I'm lucky enough to be spending a couple of days in the Big Easy with friends and we're staying at the recently renovated Pontchartrain Hotel... The Pontchartrain opened in 1927 as a luxury apartment building and then in the 1940s was refashioned as a luxury hotel. I'm having visions of what it … [Read more...]

Walt Disney Concert Hall and Community Park

While I was in Los Angeles recently I paid a visit to the Walt Disney  Concert Hall and Community Park... At first my friend and I thought we would drive by the magnificent structure just so I could see the building... But the lure to see more was strong and so we decided to park and walk … [Read more...]

Coast to Coast

I've covered a lot of ground over the past few days and have literally been from coast to coast! This weekend I hopped over to the east coast to celebrate a special birthday... It was quite the celebration and the honoree was totally surprised! Pretty flowers on all the tables... The party … [Read more...]

A Stroll Down Santa Monica Pier

We were meeting friends for brunch Sunday and arrived a bit early thanks to lack of traffic so decided a stroll down the beach to Santa Monica Pier was just the ticket... Passed by the original "Muscle Beach" on the way... The pier definitely lives up to its colorful … [Read more...]

Living the Life in Los Angeles

On Saturday morning, right after having my neighborhood school's fundraiser in the garden, I sped off to join Mr. Doctor in Los Angeles where he is attending a meeting. It just so happens that I have close friends living in Santa Monica making this trip even more fun for me. After picking me up at … [Read more...]

Dispatches from Maine

Number 2 son, living in picturesque Maine, knows how excited I get over the beautiful fall foliage and sent a couple of dispatches over the weekend... It was nice to know that he was thinking of me as he cruised along through the scenic countryside on his way to Tumbledown mountain... The view … [Read more...]

Fall in the Mall Y’all

A friend and I traveled down to Laurel, MS, to view a Garden Club of America Flower Show presented by the Laurel Garden Club last week... I thought it was so clever to stage the show in a local shopping mall and to have the classes of competition play off shopping mall inspired themes. One … [Read more...]

London Calling

A couple of friends have been in London recently and I've loved following their travels via Instagram so memories of my trip to England in May are front and center! of course the store fronts are spectacular... An afternoon of walking definitely provided plenty of inspiration... Loved the … [Read more...]

Nashville Weekend

Daughter and company made a move last week from apartment living to house dwelling.  Well,  you know what that meant for me - Laboring over Labor Day weekend! Their new place is right in the middle of Vanderbilt and Belmont making for a cute eclectic neighborhood... Historic Music Row is right … [Read more...]

Fleaing on Friday

I enjoyed a bit of fleaing last week when I visited daughter in Nashville.  I had spotted this establishment on an earlier trip to Home Depot but had not had the opportunity to visit until now.  When a friend recommended the Gas Lamp Antiques I made it my business to head over... This is a vast … [Read more...]