Bring On Spring

It's been a week full of ups and downs here OPP, so when I spotted this ring of narcissus on a morning walk I took it as a good sign... Ups and downs I tell you - everything from a funeral to a surprise birthday party, from the anticipation of a trip of a lifetime to sitting in a hospital room … [Read more...]

London Calling

A couple of friends have been in London recently and I've loved following their travels via Instagram so memories of my trip to England in May are front and center! of course the store fronts are spectacular... An afternoon of walking definitely provided plenty of inspiration... Loved the … [Read more...]


I'm so excited to spend a week in Maine with my family... Since number two son made Maine his home base a couple of years ago I've fallen in love with this place... Visit after visit I never tire of walking the Eastern Promenade in Portland... Beauty abounds... Queen Anne's lace as … [Read more...]

This and That on Thursday

I was so busy yesterday getting ready for my Christmas Open House that I was tempted to forgo my morning walk but I made the right decision and laced up my shoes, put Cammie on the leash and headed out! I'm always glad when I have the opportunity to walk outdoors around my pretty neighborhood where … [Read more...]

Walking Around Oxford

I'm up in Oxford this weekend to see the Ole Miss Rebels play a little football and I always bring my walking shoes so I can enjoy walking around Oxford. After some rainy weather the temperature finally turned cool.  Pretty leaves made for a pretty walk... we paid our respects to Mr. … [Read more...]

Portland’s Eastern Promenade

When I am in Portland a walk along the Eastern Promenade is a must. The cute girl working the hotel desk was concerned that it might be too windy and cold for me but when I weighed the difference between a machine in a fitness room and this... well, you know what won out... cliffs on the … [Read more...]

Me and Maggie

Look what I flew into yesterday morning... As one of you likes to say "not on Pinehurst Place!" I'm getting a chance to visit number 2 son and sweet Jenn in Portland, Maine this week.  But mostly it's about me and Maggie today!  I had her to myself for the afternoon and we took to the … [Read more...]

Walking Around Montalcino

I spent a pleasant afternoon walking around the walled city of Montalcino, Italy this week... home to the famous Brunelli wine... beautiful streetscapes... alluring shop entrances... sounds of children playing pulled me in... I'm loving all the vertical planting... Our driver for … [Read more...]

St. Ann’s Episcopal Church

While is so hot here in Jackson, MS, I am reminiscing about cooler times this summer and one of those memories is of walking around the grounds at the beautiful St. Ann's Episcopal Church in Kennebunkport, ME... One of 18 historic summer chapels in the Diocese of Maine, St. Ann's has been in … [Read more...]

Cliff Walk

The Cliff Walk at Black Point Inn was a highlight... breathtaking scenery... tree covered paths... lead to rocky shoreline... private gardens all along the way... beautiful waterfront homes... the pathway from the inn to the Cliff Walk is flanked by fragrant flowers... I wish I … [Read more...]