Great Day in Miss Welty’s Garden

It was a glorious almost fall day this week as I headed up the street to Miss Welty's for a little weeding and let me tell you the garden was glorious...     Hyacinth bean vine has overtaken the arbor...       I do miss the silver moon rose that graced this … [Read more...]

Fortune’s Double Yellow

Fortune's Double Yellow is stealing the show in the Eudora Welty Garden... This rose is also known as Beauty of Glazenwood or Gold of Ophir.  I like Fortune's Double Yellow myself as it references Robert Fortune, the gentleman who discovered it while exploring gardens in China.  His is a most … [Read more...]

A Toast to Eudora

The Belhaven Garden Club meeting this week was a toast to Eudora Welty... our hostesses had gone all out... everything was planned around reminiscences of Welty and appropriate quotes accompanied each item... it was all delicious... Take a close look at the silver lazy susan, it is … [Read more...]

Holiday Greetings From Eudora Welty’s Kitchen

Today's long overdue nod to Eudora Welty comes courtesy of the Eudora Welty Foundation. I don't know about you but I've spent a lot of time in the kitchen this week (thankfully daughter is home to help) and the seasonal greeting from the EWF came at just the right time... the greeting also … [Read more...]

Welty On Wednesday

I was so happy to be with my friends, the Cereus Weeders, last week as we worked in the Eudora Welty Garden.  It's been a little while since I've been able to give you a Welty on Wednesday and I thought you'd enjoy seeing the how pretty the garden is this fall. a gaggle of gardeners... it was … [Read more...]

Artisti Carol Pigott

I told you last year about artist Carol Pigott  you can click here if you missed it    Being a fan of Eudora Welty's writings, she received Ms. Welty's permission early in her career to paint her own visual images from Welty's words. Her latest work is inspired by the short story "A Still Moment" … [Read more...]

Meanwhile There Were Letters

I'll be heading to the beach next week and this is a book that will definitely be in my beach bag... Suzanne Marrs, Eudora Welty's biographer and Tom Nolan, Ross MacDonald's biographer, have edited the correspondence between Welty and MacDonald and it is a must-read. The two met in the lobby of … [Read more...]

June Recital Remix

Last Thursday the Mississippi Department of Archives and History and the Eudora Welty Foundation sponsored "June Recital Remix" - an evening of music and dancing in Eudora's garden... To say that the event was delightful is an understatement!  The weather was perfect, the company was excellent, … [Read more...]

Spring in the Welty Garden

This week we are having a cold snap but last week was warm and it was definitely spring in the Welty garden. The rose bed there is looking better than I have seen it and I thought you might enjoy a glimpse of some of the spring blooms... I was happy to see Silver Moon on the arbor in the … [Read more...]

Flower of the Month for April: French Roman Hyacinth

Long, long ago and far, far away a delightful bulb was planted as a welcome to the coming of spring.  It is not known when or who began to force hyacinths but suffice it to say that this turned into a very popular hobby. I first became aware of the beauty of the wild French Roman Hyacinth, as … [Read more...]