Artist Laurin Stennis

My neighbor and fellow Pinehurst Place resident, Laurin Stennis, is an artist who has been influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement and East Asian woodblock printing...  I love the way she describes her creations as "the love children of Walter Anderson and Flannery O'Connor"... I am excited … [Read more...]

A Walk In The Welty Garden

I ran by the Eudora Welty Garden yesterday to capture a few garden photos before another rain sets in and thought you might enjoy seeing the garden coming to life after a long winter... the camellias are amazing... daffodils out in full force... french hyacinths are a favorite of … [Read more...]

The Camellia Room

One of  my favorite things about the Eudora Welty Garden is the way the garden is divided into rooms and I would have to say that the Camellia Room is my most favorite! Today let's take a quick detour through the Camellia Room accompanied by Barbara Tuffli, former president of the American Camellia … [Read more...]

Meet Eudora

My friend and fellow Cereus Weeder, who just happens to be in the throes of wedding planning, pointed me in the direction of Lucky Luxe Couture Correspondence and I am sure glad that she did! Based in Laurel, Mississippi, this husband and wife owned operation has been featured by Martha Stewart … [Read more...]

Song of My Life: A Biography of Margaret Walker by Carolyn Brown

I am so excited for my friend Carolyn Brown whose new book Song of My Life: A Biography of Margaret Walker has been released... Carolyn's first book, A Daring Life:  A Biography of Eudora Welty, was the first young adult biography of Miss Welty.  In it Brown sought to broaden the audience of … [Read more...]

Carole Hardy Pigott

I am loving the Eudora Welty inspired paintings of Carole Hardy Pigott. Early in the artist's career Miss Welty gave her permission  to "paint my visual images from her words"...   Miss Welty's advice to the artist was to paint her own visual images conjured from Welty's words and I think … [Read more...]

Eudora Welty and Jane Austen

Last Sunday afternoon the local chapter of the Jane Austen Society of North America, along with the Jackson Friends of the Library, presented a program on "Houses in Jane Austen's Life and Fiction." With an attendance of over 120, the program and reception were a huge success... Iris Lutz, … [Read more...]

On The Bookshelf: Confession

If you have not read Confession, a novel written by my friend and neighbor Richard Freis, then I want to highly recommend it to you... When asked about the inspiration for the novel, Richard told Cleta Ellington, "The novel began in a conversation with Eudora Welty, in which it struck me how … [Read more...]

On The Bookshelf

I headed over to LeMuria, Miss Welty's bookstore, yesterday afternoon to grab a copy of Katy Simpson Smith's debut novel... The Story of Land and Sea... A native of Jackson, Miss Smith attended Mount Holyoke College and received her PhD in history from the University of North Carolina at … [Read more...]

Ken Murphy’s Book: Jackson

A reception and book signing for the newly released Jackson book was held at the Eudora Welty House and Garden Museum last week.  I was not able to attend since I was off having a trip to lovely Italy, but am fortunate to have a roving reporter/photographer friend who graciously sent me her photos … [Read more...]