Fleaing on Friday

With daughter's upcoming move to Nashville staring me in the face I am looking for a couple of things - which lead to a bit of fleaing on Friday! I love the name of a local consignment shop... Bloomingdeals! It seems like the things I find on these little excursions are not necessarily what I … [Read more...]

A Little More from The Hermitage

The garden was so pretty, even in the heat of summer, that I just had to share a little more from The Hermitage. The crape myrtles were amazing... The door you see at the end of this allee was used as the entrance to General Jackson's office which was connected to his bedroom... border after … [Read more...]

Roy Strong and the Remaking of a Garden

I have been reading about the restoration of the gardens at The Laskett in Herefordshire, England, and I am in love with the entire thing! Created by Roy strong and his wife, Julia Trevelyan Oman,  Strong describes it as "the portrait of a marriage."  The pair worked for thirty years carving out … [Read more...]

Happy Memorial Day

A walk through my neighborhood yesterday made it clear that folks were  patriotically flying flags in celebration of Memorial Day... loved their house number... several residents OPP were participating... this made me the happiest... The God Bless America sculpture created by my late … [Read more...]


In the process of recovering part of my garden that had been ignored for so long, I have created an opening from the Magnolia Room into the space where my raised beds will reside and I think it needs an arbor. So I began searching images to see what would catch my eye and this one called my … [Read more...]

Pickin’ Poppin’ & Rockin’

I want to make sure that you have this event on your calendar if you are a local - Pickin' Poppin" & Rockin' returns as the third annual fundraiser for Neighborhood Christian Center and Peyton's House... Peyton's House is dedicated to assisting children develop the academic and leadership … [Read more...]

Wedding Cake Toppers

A friend of mine is planning a bridesmaid luncheon and so we have been comparing notes - which led me to the topic of wedding cake toppers! I don't see the iconic bride and groom wedding cake toppers at the weddings I am attending these days.  Mostly I see fresh flowers or sugar flowers adorning … [Read more...]

Hello March

. I was listening to the news at noon yesterday and heard that March is National Peanut Month - who knew? It kind of got me wondering about what else March has going for it! The month is named after Mars, the Roman god of war.  They say this is probably because the Roman battle season started … [Read more...]

Short & Sweet and Safe & Sound

I will be short and sweet because it is late night early morning and I am happy to say I am safe and sound in Portland, Maine. Yesterday I was in Atlanta for a conference and also enjoyed some afternoon shopping with a friend... I was scheduled to fly out of Atlanta at 8:45 last night and my … [Read more...]

Dreaming of Garden Sheds

I almost hate to say this when so many friends along the east coast are hunkered down surviving a blizzard, but the warm sunny days here in Jackson have me dreaming of garden sheds. My own shed is a small lean-to and I always love getting in there puttering around in the spring. We still have a … [Read more...]