Easter Entertainment

Here is my puppy, Cammie, on Easter Sunday preparing to entertain our house guests with a little music...    I guess that she did not think we were doing enough in the entertainment department... It looks like she is almost ready...   She is so much fun and I have my middle … [Read more...]

Creative Outlet

Early this morning I headed for the coffee pot and the newspaper -  my usual routine but something was off.  For the past couple of weeks I have been living in the fast lane - preparing for Easter and house guests involved a lot of cleaning, shopping and preparation, my middle son had a bout of … [Read more...]

Old Masters to Monet – The morning after!

Last night was the opening reception for a new exhibit at the Mississippi Museum of Art titled "old Masters to Monet"  The party was beautiful and the entire exhibit is breathtaking!  I will want to return many times to savor the works of art that are in this show.  We attended with friends and … [Read more...]