New Signage Installed In The Eudora Welty Garden

Everyone involved with the Eudora Welty House and Garden Museum has been anxiously awaiting installation of new signage in the garden.  Designed by Communication Arts the signs are reflective of the history of each area of the garden and they provide glimpses into how the Weltys lived and worked in … [Read more...]

Welty on Wednesday: “Food, Friendship And Letters”

 I am on my way home today from an exciting and inspirational meeting in Atlanta... I learned so much and am looking forward to sharing with you. In the meantime here is a little Welty fix for you on this Wednesday.  A week or so ago Number 2 son sent a link to an article recommending it for my … [Read more...]

Happy To Be Back In The Welty Garden

Weather having kept us away for quite some time,  the Cereus Weeders were happy to be back in the Welty garden last Wednesday for a day of weeding and pruning and marveling at some beautiful winter blooms. One of the very earliest signs of spring, the crocus... the french hyacinth, one of … [Read more...]

Welty on Wednesday: Wine Festival and Onion Pie

31 May 1939 Paris, France The day has been as beautiful as a day could possibly be.  The poster announcing the Wine Festival brought thoughts of the rolling hills of a vineyard, the air laced with lavender, the sky as blue as the morning glory, scattered with confection clouds... Two friends … [Read more...]

Why Write About Eudora Welty?

As I was considering subject matter for the Welty on Wednesday post for this week, I asked myself - Why are you writing about Eudora Welty in this blog?  This is sort of an ah-hah moment for me, surprisingly!  I have been contemplating why I am drawn to exploring Miss Welty's life.  Yes, I love … [Read more...]

Eudora Welty Exhibit at Ogden Museum of Southern Art

It is time for a weekly installment of Welty on Wednesday!  A Eudora Welty photography exhibit at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans provided the perfect reason for a trip! My daughter and I  packed and headed down I-55 for a visit with friends, a little shopping and dining,and of … [Read more...]

Welty on Wednesdays

I was not able to volunteer in the garden today, so I decided to let you know about a new exhibit recently unveiled at the Welty Museum.  The exhibit coincides with the 50th anniversary of the assassination of civil rights leader Medgar Evers. The exhibit will be on display in the Visitor's … [Read more...]

Naming My Blog

This column inspired the name of my blog, On Pinehurst Place, it is one of a pair that grace the entrance to the boulevard section of Pinehurst Street.  I live in Jackson, Mississippi in the Belhaven neighborhood The area was far north of what was the downtown hub of the city until after the … [Read more...]

Wednesday at the Welty Garden

I am back in the garden at the Eudora Welty House Museum as a volunteer (Cereus Weeder), now that the seminar class at Millsaps College has come to a close.  A group of garden volunteers meet regularly on Wednesday mornings to weed, plant and generally take care of things in the garden at the Welty … [Read more...]

Creating a Still Life With Things You Have Around The House

In preparation for a small gathering of my classmates I began grabbing things from bookshelves, tabletops and the garden.  Keeping in mind that this group has been reading Eudora Welty for the past semester, naturally I wanted to include items that were relevant to our learning.  I began in my … [Read more...]