Floral Design Workshop

The Garden Club of Jackson welcomed Julie Spears from Memphis as our guest speaker this week.  Julie is a floral design expert and has won many accolades in Garden Club of America Flower Shows across the country.  She shared floral design tips with our club as she demonstrated creating seasonal … [Read more...]

Fall in the Mall Y’all

A friend and I traveled down to Laurel, MS, to view a Garden Club of America Flower Show presented by the Laurel Garden Club last week... I thought it was so clever to stage the show in a local shopping mall and to have the classes of competition play off shopping mall inspired themes. One … [Read more...]

Spring Garden Tour

I want to recommend an event taking place this week... The weather is promising to be glorious... I guarantee the gardens are glorious... For the first time this year's event will incorporate a gardeny gift shop... (Which I just happen to be the co-chairman of!) and among many other … [Read more...]

About That Botanical Arts Thing (again)

Earlier this month the Memphis Garden Club presented a Garden Club of America Flower Show entitled A Joyous Festival... Works in the Dixon Gallery's permanent collection were the creative inspiration behind the show.  What a lovely way to mark the 40th anniversary of the Dixon where the club has … [Read more...]

Luncheon of the Year

I have been planning a luncheon for a group of ladies from the Garden Club of America for about a year and last week it was showtime... The group came from far and near and were treated to some real southern hospitality from Jackson to Natchez to Laurel.  I dreamed up a spring luncheon in the … [Read more...]

A Dallas Diverson

I made a quick turnaround trip to attend a botanical arts workshop earlier in the week and couldn't have asked for a more pleasant diversion than the Founder's Garden Club of Dallas offered!  They had the uber-talented Sarah Boynton as their guest speaker/teacher.  I saw some of Sarah's creations … [Read more...]

Christmas at the Governor’s Mansion

I ran down to the Governor's Mansion this week to help with planting some daffodil bulbs.  A friend and fellow gardener has been instrumental in planting and tending a cutting garden for Mississippi's first family for a while now.  Volunteers from the Garden Club of Jackson meet regularly to keep … [Read more...]

Soup on Sunday

I'll be in Montreal as you are reading this and hopefully I will have found some delicious new soups along the way! At a recent Garden Club of Jackson meeting a member brought along two boxes of fresh shiitake mushrooms free for the taking... Not only did I grab a bag full, I was able to request … [Read more...]

A Knoxville Garden

On a recent trip to Knoxville I particularly enjoyed seeing this private garden... the gardener/homeowner is a member of The Knoxville Garden Club and recently had her garden added to the archives at the Smithsonian Institute... you will understand why very shortly... the trained ivy alone … [Read more...]

Pollinators at Bellingrath Gardens

A group of gardening friends headed south for a summer field trip this week.  I enjoyed hearing Harvey Cotten's lecture on gardening to attract and protect pollinators at Bellingrath Gardens yesterday.  Mr. Cotten is a horticultural consultant who is largely responsible for the creation and design … [Read more...]