Getting Sybilized

I had the opportunity twice recently to witness floral designer Sybil Sylvester working her magic. Her designs for the Antiques in the Gardens extravaganza in Birmingham were extraordinary ...     I loved the pinecone garland amd will be trying this at home...     The … [Read more...]

New Signage Installed In The Eudora Welty Garden

Everyone involved with the Eudora Welty House and Garden Museum has been anxiously awaiting installation of new signage in the garden.  Designed by Communication Arts the signs are reflective of the history of each area of the garden and they provide glimpses into how the Weltys lived and worked in … [Read more...]

Some Blue And White Love On Monday

I am excited to be linking up with The Pink Pagoda for a Blue and White Bash today! Before I left home this morning I quickly snapped a few shots of this beautiful blue and white hydrangea... I found it on an excursion to a local nursery Saturday and could not resist bringing it home... It … [Read more...]

I Would Say Yes To A Yurt

A yurt is defined as "a portable, bent dwelling structure traditionally used by nomads in the steppes of central Asia." A party I am planning for next spring got me started thinking about yurts because I would like to use some fabric to create a "ceiling" in the magnolia tree room.  Remember this … [Read more...]

Longing To Sit Outside

The humidity was low today and even though it was 90 degrees it felt so much cooler than on those high humidity days.  We love it when the weather permits sitting outside in the evenings.  Thanks to pinterest I am dreaming of the days to come when we will once again be sitting outside... I am sure … [Read more...]

A Patriotic Flower Arrangement

This patriotic flower arrangement happened quite by accident today.  Returning from our morning walk, Cammie and I saw this canna lily bloom bent over to the ground. While trying to stake it, I heard a snap.  So nothing to do but break it off and bring it inside to enjoy. I got out this favorite … [Read more...]

A Photo Shoot

Today changed course with a phone call this morning from a local reporter asking if I would lend part of the garden for a photo shoot - at 8:30 tomorrow morning!  (Thanks to one of you who sent her my way, and by the way where are you now and why are you not here helping me?!?) I told her "no … [Read more...]

Fences on Friday

I enjoy walking around the historic neighborhood where I live and seeing all the different homes and gardens around me.  One of the things about Belhaven that makes it unique is the individuality of each resident.  Along my walks, I have been noticing some pretty fences and decided to share some of … [Read more...]

Wednesday at the Welty Garden

I am back in the garden at the Eudora Welty House Museum as a volunteer (Cereus Weeder), now that the seminar class at Millsaps College has come to a close.  A group of garden volunteers meet regularly on Wednesday mornings to weed, plant and generally take care of things in the garden at the Welty … [Read more...]

Wishing for Peonies

Being a gardener I have a love for every flower!  Planting a seed and watching it emerge into a plant is always a miracle to me.  I cannot help though, having a particular fondness for the peony.  I wonder if this is because of the beauty of the flower alone or if it could possibly be due to the … [Read more...]