Me and Maggie

Look what I flew into yesterday morning... As one of you likes to say "not on Pinehurst Place!" I'm getting a chance to visit number 2 son and sweet Jenn in Portland, Maine this week.  But mostly it's about me and Maggie today!  I had her to myself for the afternoon and we took to the … [Read more...]

Portland Head Light

While I was with number two son in Portland over the weekend I enjoyed going over to Cape Elizabeth and visiting the Portland Head Light. Portland Head has provided protection for the Portland area for many years.  In 1776 a group of eight soldiers were posted there to warn citizens of approaching … [Read more...]

Flower Of The Month

The flower of the month for June is the magnificent magnolia... I love its progression... pushing out of its velvet cocoon... and slowly unfurling its fragrant petals... love its pineapple-like center... on a recent Sunday afternoon a neighbor invited us to hear a piano program … [Read more...]

Summer In The Welty Garden

It is definitely summer here OPP and in the Welty garden a couple of blocks up the street.  The humidity is a heavy blanket and the rain has finally given way to bright sunshine.  I ran by to get a few pictures of the summer garden to share. Gardenias blooming at the entrance of the Camellia Room … [Read more...]

This And That On Pinehurst Place – North Campus

Here's a bit of this and that from OPP's "north campus", a tiny apartment we keep in Oxford also known affectionately as "The Shack"... we have been coming here for long enough now that it is home away from home... everyone is happy to pull into the drive and see the flag flying... Daughter … [Read more...]

The Second Day Of Christmas

Christmas Day is certainly special and I do love it but I also love the day after Christmas - the second day of Christmas. This day is a day of reflection, a time to sit back and enjoy the memories, a day to put my feet up and relax. So over here On Pinehurst Place this is pretty much what will be … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your day is scattered with blessings... I hope your day is filled with the vibrancy of being surrounded by family and friends... I hope your eyes are open to the beauty all around... I hope you find a soft spot to rest after the feast is prepared... I hope you … [Read more...]

What’s On Your Coffee Table?

The change of seasons has me making subtle changes around the house and I am wondering about you - specifically what is on your coffee table? Are you a minimalist, wanting to leave lots of room for, perhaps, cups of coffee?... (Albert Hadley) Do you like a coffee table that serves more than one … [Read more...]

This And That On Game Day

We are finally back in Oxford for a home football game today... everyone is so friendly, even Colonel Rebel and the black bear... we walked early this morning to check out the grove before the crowds arrive... the balcony babes are ready... they made the right choice on bid day … [Read more...]

Surprise, The Spider Lilies Are Blooming

I headed out this morning with Cammie and Maggie for a morning walk and surprise, the spider lilies are blooming everywhere... we just had to stop here and there for the photo opportunities...   Truly one of the pass-along plants, the bulbs are often spotted in old gardens and … [Read more...]