Fall For Faux Bois

A few years ago we found this bench when we were in Paris and had it shipped home... I have always been a fan of faux bois. Faux bois, from the French for false wood, refers to techniques used in several media to imitate wood or wood grain.  Probably the first crafted items were made with … [Read more...]

I Would Say Yes To A Yurt

A yurt is defined as "a portable, bent dwelling structure traditionally used by nomads in the steppes of central Asia." A party I am planning for next spring got me started thinking about yurts because I would like to use some fabric to create a "ceiling" in the magnolia tree room.  Remember this … [Read more...]

Fleaing on Friday

I had a little time to fill in between appointments yesterday and so headed to one more of my favorite antique haunts here in Jackson.  Their sign announcing new shipment really lured me in! I was not disappointed - Pretty pops of pillow color were everywhere: Love this fresh take on the moss … [Read more...]