Preserving Place

On a recent trip to Atlanta I accidentally discovered Preserving Place.  My friend and I headed out to the Westside Provisions District one afternoon for a bit of retail therapy and as we were walking by a cute storefront the owner stepped outside and invited us in.  The shops moniker was catchy, … [Read more...]

Blithe And Vine: Fashion Forward

When I heard that my friend Liz Spratlin was moving her store, Blithe and Vine, to a new location I had to run by  to wish her luck (not that she needs it) the lady is very fashion forward! No need to worry about losing her, she's not going far, you will find her in Fondren Village. Her shop has … [Read more...]

Walking Around The Mississippi Craft Show

The Mississippi Craft Show is in full swing this weekend in Jackson.  The show is in its' second year and showcases the work of many talented Mississippi craftsmen and artists.  I love the way this event highlights the talents of folks in Mississippi and at the same time raises money for the needs … [Read more...]

Vintage Monograms

On a recent shopping trip, via my laptop, to One Kings Lane I could not believe what I saw... After all, how often do you find YOUR monogram on a piece of vintage linen? Oh the beautiful M, and the C, embroidered on this gorgeous linen table scarf... I could not resist, could you? Well, as … [Read more...]

The Art of the Scrapbook

I cannot remember a time in my life when I was not making something!  As a young girl I loved to color, received candle making kits from Santa Claus,and  wove hot pads from strips of cloth.  I always kept a diary (under lock and key) and scrapbooked about everything - the first landing on the moon … [Read more...]

The Planning and Packing of a Wardrobe

I have been working with one of my favorite clients over the past two weeks getting her packed up and ready to spend several months in her mountain home.  (Smart lady to get out of the Mississippi summer heat and humidity!)  This is the third year we have worked together to make sure she has … [Read more...]

Fences on Friday

I enjoy walking around the historic neighborhood where I live and seeing all the different homes and gardens around me.  One of the things about Belhaven that makes it unique is the individuality of each resident.  Along my walks, I have been noticing some pretty fences and decided to share some of … [Read more...]

Channeling Madeiline Castaing

The need for a new rug got my creative juices going and I delved into several of my design books with great anticipation. I am always drawn to the style of french decorator, Madeleine Castaing. Her unique look of blended styles and layering, with a sense of humor thrown in, enthralls me. (photo … [Read more...]

Fleaing on Friday

There are so many wonderful antique markets around and I love to visit and dream!  Friday is the perfect day for this as I have the entire weekend to measure and play with any treasures that I bring home. A quick trip to the garden with my coffee sets the tone for the day! Today I visited one of … [Read more...]

Creative Outlet

Early this morning I headed for the coffee pot and the newspaper -  my usual routine but something was off.  For the past couple of weeks I have been living in the fast lane - preparing for Easter and house guests involved a lot of cleaning, shopping and preparation, my middle son had a bout of … [Read more...]